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A clearer view of focus

Daniel Goleman, the author that made EQ available to most of us through his written work such as Emotional Intelligence, Why it can matter more than IQ, speaks in the video below on the importance of focus. He discusses what elements help maintain and build concentration and what can detract from our ability to focusContinue Reading

Ask the obvious

Many leaders and managers that I have worked with over the years find it difficult to ask the obvious question. They struggle to ask something that will move somebody from stuck to unstuck because the question is either a little too direct, challenging or personal. Reserved Some of this holding back is a good thing.Continue Reading

Speed of light coaching

The most frequent obstacle leaders raise to learning and then using a coaching style as part of their approach to getting great results from the members of their team, is that it takes too long. It doesn’t, but that is the impression that many people hold. So, here are several questions you can ask, thatContinue Reading

One powerful question

When you head up a team within an organisation, there is one very simple question you can ask yourself to transform the impacts you have. My work with business leaders over the last twelve years suggests that many of them are simply not aware of this question and its transformative effects. Much of the time,Continue Reading

Not OK

Sitting in a coffee shop last week where the tables were set very close together, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation at the table next to me. One lady was explaining how she was helping her son learn how to manage money. The second lady that she was talking with did a good jobContinue Reading


When you are holding a coaching-style conversation with members of your team, there will be certain phrases you hear, or particular elements of body language that you see which may be more significant than others. These are potentially critical times in such conversations. It is therefore important that you can notice them effectively. Words andContinue Reading

The afterlife

When you finish a conversation you can’t possibly know what the impacts of it will be on you or the other person you were talking with. The conversation will have more or less of an impact on how you both feel what you are thinking about what actions you take your mutual senses of confidence,Continue Reading

Coaching: It’s Not Master Mind

Do you remember the game called Master Mind? It went something like this: Player one selects four coloured pegs and conceals them from the other player, either by putting them below the surface of the playing board (see photo ->) or pegging them behind a small shield on the board. Player two, through a processContinue Reading

Let’s play chicken

When you ask someone a question strange things happen both to you and to the person you asked. There is a chain reaction that occurs within both brains. Knowing a bit about both will help you use a coaching style much more effectively. I’m no neuroscientist and I don’t need to be to work outContinue Reading

Coaching Mind Control

Even from where I am and regardless of where you are in the world, I bet I can control your mind. I’m going to set you a challenge that will make you think of something even when you don’t want to. Here goes: don’t think of a blue elephant. Mind control Ha! Got you didn’tContinue Reading