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Coach: Heal thyself

I had a client recently ask me, at very short notice, if they could change an appointment that we had in our diaries. Something that was business critical had just arisen and they really needed to stay in the office to resolve it. We agreed a new date and I was suddenly left with a couple of hours of unexpected free time.

My initial thought was to sneak in an extra training session on my road bike. My second thought was that I could use the time very productively to work on something that was affecting the quality of my work. I decided to go with the latter.

Job Done

Two hours later I had resolved some of the issues I was having. An action plan was complete and commitments made in relation to what I would do next. Instead of going out on my bike, I had just spent some time coaching myself to a successful conclusion.

Access denied … or not

It is not always possible to access a coach. Timing or funding issues may mean that engaging a coach is not a practical option. The great news is when you master coaching skills you can also help yourself through challenges using a self-coaching approach.

Self-coaching works really well when:

  1. You are willing to give it a try, possibly over an extended period of time i.e. up to a couple of hours.
  2. You accept that you will need to be really honest and open with yourself and acknowledge when you are not owning up to negative situations that you may be contributing to.
  3. You can find a time when you can give it your full focus. Unbroken time is pretty key to do this well.

I would urge you to practice and refine your coaching skills so that you are able to help others achieve their goals but by getting better you will also be able to help yourself (and it’s free!).

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