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The Thing

What’s “the thing” for you right now?


Read this post when you’ve got some thinking time available to you. It is likely to be too distracting if you try to juggle it with everything else you’ve gotta do. Bookmark it. Come back later.

The Thing

If you are clear about what you want to achieve, what’s the thing? You know. Go on: name it. What is it? What is “the thing” that:

  • Stops you going for it?
  • Stops you keep going, when the going gets tough?
  • That everyone else can see but you refuse to say aloud?
  • That if you dissolved it, it would result in new levels of performance that would make you unstoppable ?
  • That you’ve promised yourself you would get better at but still haven’t?
  • Nags at you often, as a little voice in your head ?

Whatever it is, this thing, the power you wrestle back into your control by naming it and recognising it for what it is, is incredible.

Livin’ in a box

As a metaphor the thing resides in a special box in your head. You need to throw open the lid. Shed some light in there. Look inside. Drag it out of the box and beat it up a bit. You’ll notice it loses much of its power by bringing it out into the light.

There are lots of ways of doing this exercise and one way that works really well is if you keep asking yourself:

“If there was to be one main “thing” it might be …” You fill in the blanks and keep repeating the exercise, without censoring yourself, until you feel you’ve managed to drag everything out of your head that might be at play, that could possibly be “the thing”. Next you need to review you list but I would suggest leave it a short while. Get on with something else perhaps, then come back to your list.

As the process of naming the thing can be accompanied by a range of emotions the space you have left should help you now approach the list in a rational way. Read through the possibilities you generated and judge their worth. The next step is to acknowledge those that could be playing a part and decide what you are going to do to resolve them.

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