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No Pain, No Gain for Your Coaching Business

Building your coaching business

I go to the gym five times a week. I’m not telling you this to show off (well maybe a bit LOL!) but actually I’m really informing you because I wanted to share an approach to gym work that I think should be applied to your coaching business, in order for you to get awesome results, namely: going to failure.

Go to do a workout frequently enough and you will see people in the gym who look in the same shape at the end of six months as they did at the beginning. In fact, if they are still there after six months, then their level of commitment is incredible, when you consider there is little appreciable physical improvement.

Under Pressure

Why is it these well intentioned folk are getting so little return for their time?

Muscles and your cardio vascular system won’t develop significantly unless you continue to push them out of their current operating levels. The body is a truly awesome machine and adapts quickly to new stresses placed on it. The only way to keep progressing physically, is to challenge the body, forcing it to adapt to new weights. quicker speeds, further stretches etc.

It is based on the principle of progression that suggests that through a careful plan,  designed by someone who knows what they are talking about, the body will respond to these new demands in a way that promotes growth and development, be it weight loss, putting on muscle, being able to run a marathon etc.

Within that plan, especially where weight training is concerned, there needs to be times when two things occur:

1. You just can’t squeeze out that last repetition or two. You’ve pushed yourself just beyond your current limit and you fail – by design.

2. Every session is slightly heavier, or asks you to complete more repetitions, than the last – in order to fail regularly.

Ensuring these failures occur regularly keeps your body under a controlled form of physical stress and it is this, that promotes awesome results.

Progression in Your Coaching Business

This principle applies to your coaching business too. If you are putting in a lot of time but not seeing appreciably different results, there may be some benefit to thinking about how you will be stretching your own and your businesses current levels of capability, in order to see awesome results.

In the same way that you would be advised to get a check with your GP before you start a new gym plan, let’s assume your business is in pretty good health i.e. solid systems and processes. If not, get those resolved first before thinking about engaging in the following developments:

1. Keeping true to your defined niche, what additional services can you offer?

2. How can you develop your own skills in order to provide even better coaching interactions?

3. What business associations and synergies might you make that you aren’t currently, that would provide mutual benefit?

4. How can you improve your customer service in order to make it truly outstanding?

5. Thought about applying for a “tender” either government or otherwise? Takes a lot of work but the stretch may well be worth it.

Regular, planned, non-catastrophic failure, works physically to bring about transformational change. Regular, well-designed stretch and stress on your own business may well do the same.

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