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What gets measured gets done

Are you regularly ensuring that your executive coaching intervention is being measured, in order that you and others know whether it’s working?

Too often project sponsors seem unclear about what they want from coaching programmes that they commission, for several reasons, including, a lack of experience of what great executive coaching can help produce.

In these current economic times, if you want to ensure that you get the repeat business that will be beneficial to you, then there are several steps to ensuring you can help “prove” the work you did was as great as all your coachees say it is. This post will deal with getting the early stage of a coaching assignment right in order to ensure that at different stages, including the end of the programme,  you can provide reliable results.

The Coaching Programme Assessment Stage

When meeting with project sponsors – usually from HR or L&D, plus, if you’re really lucky someone from the business too, the over-riding issue is getting crystal clear on the answer to this one question:

“Specifically, what results do you want from this executive coaching programme?”

I’m amazed at how frequently this cannot be answered; I am aslo delighted. Delighted, because it gives me a chance to add value.

If the sponsors are clear then great. If they are not, here is your opportunity to use your coaching skills in a consultative role to draw together and finalise the desired results. My advice, is don’t move forward until this is nailed. Once it is you can build a lot of your measurements around this objective. It also helps frame the format of the executive coaching programme.

This is also a good time for you to be able to contibute to the sponsors success, by guiding them around what is achievable and what may not be. I am talking about managing client expectations here but not in a constraining way, quite the opposite. Sure, be realistic but also look for a stretch for you and for the organisation.

Stake your reputation on being able to produce great results and then knuckle down to ensure you and your clients do.

What else do you do at the earliest stages of project scoping to ensure clarity?

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