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Common coaching scenarios of 2011 Pt I

Free 5 part mini-series

Every day this week I will be posting short pieces based on my experience of coaching many leaders and managers in organisations in 2011, across a wide range of public and private sector organisations.


Each post will highlight a single issue that, in my experience is common for leader-manager-coaches to come across in their daily coaching interactions; exploring what might be root causes and worth exploring as a coach, as well as some sample questions which may help when taking a coaching approach, in order to move the situation forward.


The themes I’ll be covering in this week’s free mini-series are:


1. Managing performers who are inconsistent with their performance

2. Managing time and prioritising effectively

3. Influencing a boss effectively

4. Managing and leading a team of people who were my peers

5. Perfectionism vs excellence


Managing  inconsistent performers


Scenario: A member of staff who works at an acceptable level of performance for a while, then dips below that acceptable standard, only to return in the short-term, to an acceptable level, following an intervention by management.


Outcomes: The member of staff is not performing effectively and consistently. The manager uses a disproportionate amount of time re-motivating the member of staff on a semi-regular basis. Frustration !


Root causes (amongst others) worth exploring: Clarity of performance standards; willingness of manager to challenge performance; understanding of the blockers to consistent performance


Sample questions it may be helpful to ask:

How clear are the standards of performance for the member of staff?

How well understood are they?

How do you know?

What have you done so far to bring about more consistent performance?

If that hasn’t brought about the results that you want to see, what are the reasons for that?

What else could you do?

For this role, what would consistent acceptable levels of performance be?

What do you understand to be the blockers to consistent performance for this individual?

How certain are you of the accuracy of such knowledge?

How willing are you to challenge such inconsistent performance?

What would make it easier for you to challenge such inconsistent performance?


Challenge: What other questions might it be worth considering? Post them in the Comments space – join in!

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