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I’m off …

to the edge 2

Hi there friends,

It is with really mixed blessings that I have decided to leave behind the Executive Coaching Blog. Whilst I genuinely loved writing it and have been humbled that so many of you have kindly subscribed and received my ramblings on a regular basis, I am not writing as regularly as I would like to.

The reason?

Well, 14 months ago I set up an exciting new business with three colleagues – Performance Edge Partners – and so my energies have been put into setting up that project and creating lots of leadership-shaking products and services. We also have a blog!

Thank you and …

So, firstly, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for following and contributing to what has been a great experience. There is little point in writing a blog if no-one is reading it, so thank you for making it so worthwhile. Secondly, can I take this opportunity to point you in the direction of my new online home … Performance Edge Partners Ltd.

We are doing some really great work and I would love you to remain part of my work so why not come across, subscribe and we can carry on our chats over there? Thank you.

Sector specifics

Please don’t call me for a coaching assignment and ask what business sectors I have coaching experience in. Seriously. Whilst I will be able to say honestly that I have had the great pleasure of working in many industries and organisations over the last 16 years, it rather misses the point. Great executive coaching can beContinue Reading

Plain sailing

I want to share a true, short story about learning new skills, which has direct relevance to learning how to be a leader who uses coaching as part of your leadership tools. About 10 years ago a friend and I decided that we wanted to learn how to windsurf. After two very enjoyable and very wetContinue Reading

The value of working on your values

Exploring your values is an area that many coaching conversations will visit where such a discussion might help you understand the times when you are conflicted or feeling things aren’t quite the ‘fit’ they once were. The thing is that your values: are more or less flexible change over time are the internal compass that send yourContinue Reading

Pareto Principle 2.0

The Pareto Principle, or the 80:20 rule, has become a generally accepted short-hand for the fact that 80% of results are produced by 20% of cause or input. In terms of great business performance it would be easy to suggest that the ideal is 100:0; namely, that people should be giving 100% effort, 100% ofContinue Reading

The big benefit of time away

I would like to thank those of you who have been asking about this blog and who wanted to know if and/or when I would be getting back to writing. Well I’m pleased to say that I plan to be writing regularly again. There were several reasons for stopping writing and they included: the blogContinue Reading

A time and a place

If you hold meetings with people that you lead and manage, peers, stakeholders or key clients, this post holds a piece of really helpful information that could help you save yourself and the other party loads of hassle. I could also help you protect your business. I’ve written before about why I find it incredibleContinue Reading

Stop doing 1 to 1s

I’m all for you meeting regularly with the people that you lead. Indeed, one of the most common changes I see leaders and managers make as they assume more of a strategic role than a operational one, is they increase the numbers of these meetings, often quite considerably. However, please stop doing ‘1 to 1s’ orContinue Reading

A matter of scope

Often when I am working with senior execs they raise an issue of losing sight of the things that are important. They have taken their eye off the ball. It got me to thinking about whether there is a good metaphor that might help keep your ‘eyes on the prize’. Telescope According to some sourcesContinue Reading

The Devil’s in the Detail

You’ve heard of Planning Fallacy, right? This phenomenon suggests that we all have a tendency to predict that we can complete tasks and projects more quickly than we ultimately do or that we can achieve more than we eventually produce. We are optimistically biased. Coaching Commitments This has a significant impact on the effectiveness ofContinue Reading